First-time buyers
Our clients, both first-time buyer, required a £1.2m mortgage at 80 per cent loan-to-value to purchase their first home. Both first-time buyer clients are in their fifties so wanted a mortgage to run until they are aged 75, to make the monthly payments more affordable.

To make matters more complicated, neither buyer has a UK passport

We really wanted a loan specialist who was ready to loan £1.2m against a property estimation of £1.5m. The clients were interested in a base-rate tracker mortgage as fixed-rate mortgages are comparatively more expensive.

Key requirements: –

  • A lender prepared to lend the full amount required to borrowers with non-UK passports.
  • lender happy to lend up to age 75.
  • A lender willing to add the arrangement fee to the loan.

After sourcing the mortgage market, we identified a lender who agreed to lend the full amount required at a competitive rate.

The application process:

To support the mortgage application, the clients provided details of their income and evidence of their identity. We were more than happy to illuminate them that a bank had given a conventional proposal for everything mentioned.

  • Property value: £1.5m
  • Loan amount: £1.2m
  • LTV: 80%
  • Rate: 4.21% (1.21% above base rate) for two years
  • Lender product fee: £999 added to the loan

Monthly payment: £7,655