private Health Cover
The client: With 40 employees working for his company. Our client wanted to offer private health cover. Both as an employment perk and to ensure a healthy and productive workforce.

Due to the pandemic, the NHS does a wonderful job but resources are stretched . Those requiring medical assistance may have to wait months for a doctor’s appointment or referral.  This is costing employers money as a fit. Healthy workforce is crucial to the success of a business. If many staff are off sick, it can take a toll on other employees.

AWS Private Finance has seen a significant increase in enquiries about private health care. Taking out an individual policy can be expensive. Which is why employer-run schemes are popular. Offering such a scheme can make your company stand out from the crowd. Which can also help with recruitment. Particularly valuable at the moment given the difficulties in finding staff.

When the client approached us, we needed to find an insurance provider for company scheme at a competitive price. As well as complementary medicine treatment.

After sourcing the market, we identified an insurer which ticked all the boxes, offering a flexible. Adaptable workplace scheme at a price which didn’t break the bank.

The application process: To support the insurance application, the client supplied staff names. Ages and whether single or family cover was required. We were delighted to inform him that an insurer had offered the cover requested at a competitive rate.

  • Cover: £1,000 (out-patient consultations, therapies and diagnostic tests. As well as out-patient complementary medicine treatment)
  • Excess: £200
  • Total monthly premium: £2,089