Contractors Mortgages in London

An increasing number of people are going self-employed. Setting up their own businesses and working for a variety of employers on short or longer-term contracts. Contractors mortgages in London. While this may give you more flexibility, it can make it trickier to get a mortgage, particularly if established a relatively short while.

Contractors, often working in IT, finance and construction, can therefore find it difficult to get a mortgage as not all lenders will take all of their contract income into account. However, there are some lenders who have more preferential terms for contractors.

AWS lenders are best suited to mortgages for contractors finding the right deal for your circumstances at a competitive rate.

Day rate versus salary and dividends

However, all is not lost for contractors looking for a Mortgage – as long as you know where to go. The Problem is that the majority of high-street lenders don’t really understand Contractor Mortgages. Many lenders treat Contractors as self-employed applicants, assessing income based on salary and dividends rather than the day rate model. This means borrowers tend to end up with a smaller mortgage than they would otherwise.

Where are the contractors mortgages in London to be found?

Picking up the phone and calling a number of high-street lenders directly or going on their websites.  Walking into branches being impossible right now – is unlikely to result in finding the best contractor mortgages in London on the market. AWS Financial Services, which specializes in contractor mortgages, is the best place to start. We receive scores of inquiries from contractors looking for contractors mortgages in London advice (look at our case studies for examples of contractors we have helped). AWS have years of experience finding the right borrowing for your needs.

We have come to specialize in this area due to the sheer volume of demand, so are well placed to help contractors looking for a mortgage. Whether it ‘s to purchase a new property or if you are mortgaging. We have found contractor mortgages for everyone from a client on a fixed-term contract that was about to expire to contractor clients needing to borrow at relatively high loan-to-values.

As criteria can vary considerably between lenders. We pride ourselves on our bespoke advice, ensuring you get the right contractor mortgage for your circumstances on competitive terms. You won’ t have to worry that you might have got a better deal if you had gone somewhere else; indeed , it is more likely that we will help you find a deal that you may otherwise not have had access to.

Contact us for any Enquiry

If you have any questions, please get in touch on +44(0) 203 488 1541 or enquire at [email protected] We will talk ask some questions, before comparing all the deals and making suggestions based on your circumstances. AWS guide you through the process, reducing stress and hassle, while ensuring we find you the right mortgage. We provide contractors mortgages in London