Private health care
The NHS does a wonderful job but resources are often stretched, a situation which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Those requiring medical assistance may have to wait months for a doctor’s appointment or referral, while operations are routinely postponed. Many employers offer private healthcare as a perk to staff, knowing not only that is it a recruitment tool but that a fit, healthy workforce is crucial to the success of a business. If many staff are off sick, it can take a toll on other employees. But not all employers offer private healthcare schemes, and if your employer doesn’t, or you are self-employed. Then you may be interested in taking out a policy that covers you and your family.

AWS Private Finance has seen a significant increase in enquiries about private health care since the pandemic. Taking out an individual policy can be expensive. Which is why it is important to seek advice and shop around for the right cover for you and your family. Schemes and level of cover vary depending on what policy you need and what you can afford. But it is possible to tailor plans to suit.

For flexible, adaptable private health care which doesn’t need to break the bank and gives you peace of mind, get in touch.